Discovery’s vision is to be one of the world’s most inspiring groups. To influence people’s lifestyles by getting involved in every moment of their lives.


Dedicated to serve individuals and families by creating inspiring life styles.


Always performance driven, the group believes that building an empowering corporate culture is the solution for a healthy business. Our six-value corporate system is the foundation of practices providing action lines to follow by the workforce as a “savoir-vivre”: in the performance of its professional duties. For such purposes, the principles and values governing our stakeholders’ relationships are defined hereunder:

CHALLENGE: Making it happen.

Our ambitions and motivations must be fed by your satisfaction. Committed to accomplish the work under high standards, we look forward to improve our businesses quality of work, to be in line with your expectations.

CAPABILITY: Committed to Greatness.

Our capability is about building stronger and more capable organizations. It requires an intelligent, strategic and disciplined approach supported by a high-skilled multicultural team who uses as input all their expertise and savoir-faire.

RECOGNITION: Acknowledgement of potential.

We place great value on recognition we receive from our business partners and customers., which is the reason we feel it is important to reciprocate such recognition. It is an encouragement to all our team for their hard work and it’s an appreciation of individual’s output.

CONSISTENCY: Loyalty to Stability.

People value consistency in their leaders. Consistency removes uncertainty and leads to trust. Trust, in return, leads to influence, Discovery’s vision. It is all about determination to give the best, always.

DEVOTION: Demonstrating passion.

Work ethics fuel passion. We aim for “Outstanding” in everything we do. Our dedication shows in the result we achieved, in the pride we have. We love success.

INTEGRITY: Attachment to Strong moral principles.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards to build trust and long-term relations and show respect, faithfulness, honesty and transparency in every aspect of work.