Our CSR is concentrated around five areas :

  • Product and service responsibility
  • Business integrity responsibility
  • Employee responsibility
  • Planet responsibility
  • Community Responsibility

Discovery Group is engaged in a variety of ways to achieve growth in a responsible and sustainable manner: both internal and external aspects.Focused energy management is a key strategic initiative for our company. We are committed to designing and operating facilities that maximize energy performance while conserving consumption.

With our operations spread over many square feet’s of real estates; we are constantly looking for ways to reduce water and energy use. From occupying LEED buildings to implementing an energy management plan; we have a number of initiatives in place to reduce the impact of our real estate.

We minimize environmental impact by focusing on the way our services are offered or our products are sold, the raw materials they utilize, or the way they can be disposed of or recycled.

As a large medium institution, we use a great deal of paper in our offices and in our client materials. We continue to do our part to conserve forest resources and support sustainable forest management by reducing paper and stationary consumption.

The committee independently designs and implements policies tailored at each workplace doing all they can to keep employees physically and mentally healthy and to ensure safety. Our policies include health checks, office interior design amelioration and suitable break times.

Our group enables employees under restrictions caused by childbirth, parenting, and family nursing care to feel at ease and to demonstrate their full potential on the job. The company supports employees’ work/life balance such as protection of motherhood initiatives, maternity leaves…

Discovery is carrying an initiative to prevent the damaging health effects to the brain and heart, which can be caused by accumulated fatigue due to long working hours. In order to ensure proper work schedules, Discovery ensures that its employees observe appropriate working hours.